Many Functions of Load Testing

Load Testing can truly and genuinely be a blessing in disguise to many hard-working server technicians and IT specialists. It is an effective and rapidly-functioning form of testing for the internet, servers, hard disk drive data, and so much more. As such, it operates with nearly little to no flaws whatsoever. This makes it one of the best out there in the field, even replacing humans at times.

“Load testing can be conducted in two ways. Longevity testing, also called endurance testing, evaluates a system’s ability to handle a constant, moderate work load for a long time. Volume testing, on the other hand, subjects a system to a heavy work load….” (, pg. 1)

Load Testing serves for a number of functions. All such functions may not be done in the same way through other forms of testing such as Stress Testing, Longevity Testing, and Performance Testing. It falls under Performance Testing, although it truly does have a mind and a will all of its own. The others are not quite like it, in this respect, although human beings will never be fully replaced. All work performed by Load Testing is always reviewed by a human specialist and checked for updates, and this will not change anytime soon.

Load Testing may be known to take on the specified task of reading and writing as it relates to data found on a hard disk. Load Testing reads such data continuously without generally having issues, overloading, or freezing up, as they call it. Load Testing is very accurate and reliable as a whole. Another wonderful and unique function of Load Testing is its ability to subject any form of server to numerous amounts of incoming email traffic (according to

All of these emails must go somewhere before they overload the system or drive, shutting it down completely for mass removal. Load Testing may also assign certain print jobs to certain printers based off of queue information found. Many larger files may be downloaded from the internet as well. It may be done in series or as individual files. Load Testing sees to it personally.